Delta X S

Delta X S is an affordable delta robot for the light industry. Delta X S is designed for use in applications requiring high speed, precision, durability, payload, and large working space. Delta X S can withstand unfavorable factors from the environment such as electromagnetic interference, unstable power supply, hot, cold, water, dust, radiation, ...

- Industrial delta robots labeled "low-cost" on the market have a too high price while the efficiency is still low.
- There is no automation solution for fast-speed "pick up, place, arrange, package" line for SME manufacturing enterprises.
- Industrial delta robots are too complicated and require the engineer to do the installation and operation.
- Delta X 2 has small payload and size. Speed, accuracy, durability, and stability have not met the demanding tasks


- The mechanical parts are made of metal ---> high precision, durability.
- Anti-interference circuit ---> robot can be used in industrial environment.
- The robot arm has 5 degrees of freedom ---> performs more complex tasks.
- Using strong and precise gearboxes, motors, high capacity driver ---> increased payload.
- The arm has 4 different size versions --> easily customize the working space for the robot according to the customer.

Delta X S V0.9 Prototype:

Delta XS Prototype



Delta X S V1 Prototype:



Delta X S V1 Specifications

Working volume
X, Y axis (stroke) Ø 340 mm
Z axis (stroke) 150 mm/210 mm
θ axis (rotation angle) ±180 deg
Φ axis (rotation angle) ±90 deg
Hybrid Servo motor
Arm 1, 2, 3
Model Hybrid Servo 57HSE
Capacity 84W
Driver HB808C hybrid servo driver
Closed-Loop Stepper Motor
Rotational axis 4, 5
Model Nema 17 60cm
Capacity 20W
Driver MKS servo42
Arm 1, 2, 3
Type Plannet
Backlash 15 arcmin
Gear Ratio 5:1
Rotational axis 4, 5
Type Pulley - Timing belt
Backlash 0
Gear Ratio 3:1
X, Y, Z axis ±0.3 mm
θ axis ±2 deg
Φ axis ±0.1 deg
Maximum payload 2 kg
Travel limit 1. Soft limit
2. Mechanical stopper (X, Y, Z axis)
Ambient temperature 0°C to 45°C
Weight (kg) 25 kg
Max speed 1 200 mm/s
Max acceleration 20 000 mm/s²



Delta X S Prototype 1 Dimensions

(Working volume can be customized)


Estimated price for Delta X S Prototype 1 

Component Price
Delta X S Robot Basic System $2.000
Frame $250
Sliding Rail $550
4-Axis $250
5-Axis $150
Vacuum Grippers and Pump (basic) $100
Servo-Electric Grippers (basic) $70
Vacuum Grippers (industrial) $400
Pneumatic Grippers (industrial) $350
Magnet Grippers (industrial) $500


Currently this is just a prototype, but if you want to buy it you can contact me via email
The Delta X S workspace is customizable.
It will come in 3 standard sizes:
D400, D600, D800
The z-axis working range is customizable to 350mm


Delta X S V2 Prototype:


Delta X S V3 Prototype:

 Delta X S V3





Estimated price for Delta X S Prototype V3


Component Price
Delta X S V3 D400 $2.500
Delta X S V3 D600 $2.800
Delta X S V3 D800 $3.100
Frame $250
Sliding Rail $550
4-Axis $250
5-Axis $150
Vacuum Grippers and Pump (basic) $100
Servo-Electric Grippers (basic) $70
Vacuum Grippers (industrial) $400
Pneumatic Grippers (industrial) $350
Magnet Grippers (industrial) $500



Delta X S V4 Prototype: 




Delta X S V4 Basic Parameters
Working space D = 400/600/800 mm
H = 200 - 300 mm
Max payload 2 kg
Max speed 3 m/s
Max acceleration 50 m/s2
Repetition Accuracy ±0.15 mm
Positioning Accuracy 0.2 mm
DOF 3/4/5/6
Power 24VDC - 30A
Mass 25 kg


Delta X S D800 Working space



Estimated price for Delta X S Prototype V4


Component Price
Delta X S V4 D400 $3.700
Delta X S V4 D600 $3.850
Delta X S V4 D800 $4.000
4-Axis $350
5-Axis $250
6-Axis $250
Hyper Cube Frame (Profiled Aluminum) $250
Shipping Fee $500