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Delta X Robotics excitedly presents the Delta X S Official - the most affordable industrial delta robot, a "Made in Vietnam" innovation developed through over five years of relentless research. Our product facilitates access for individuals and small to medium-sized enterprise to robotic automation, particularly enhancing production efficiency through automated pick-and-place tasks.


The most affordable industrial delta robot in the world

  • Cost 5-10 times lower than market alternatives
  • Achieves 60-80% efficiency of traditional robots.
  • Up to 6 axes for diverse applications
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Product Series

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Delta X S

Industrial delta robot that is 5-10 times more cost-effective than market alternatives, boasting an impressive 60-80% performance efficiency

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Delta X 2

Cost-effective and highly efficient desktop delta robot kit, tailored for educational and research activities

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Delta X 1

Open-source delta robot is comprised of components familiar to the Maker community


We stands out in the robotics industry by self-developing its actuators, motion controllers, and AI Vision software. This in-house innovation significantly reduces the cost of our robots by 5 to 10 times compared to market alternatives, and also saves on various other expenses in application design. Our philosophy is simple: if you can imagine it, you can achieve it with Delta X Robotics, all at an affordable cost.


The Delta Robot Actuator features zero backlash, with an output capability of up to 32Nm and 3.4 revolutions per second. It's designed for continuous bidirectional operation, enhancing the robot's efficiency and performance​​.

Motion Controllers

Designed for high reliability in industrial environments, the Delta Robot Motion Controller supports industrial communication and offers expandable input and output capabilities. This ensures smooth control of all six degrees of freedom of the robot's manipulator​​.

AI Vision Software

This software is adept at accurately recognizing the position and orientation of objects. It includes AI algorithms for precise identification of complex object shapes and is compatible with affordable hardware. It is also user-friendly, making it easy for end-users to utilize effectively​​.

About us

Founded in 2018 in Vietnam, Delta X Robotics is a pioneer in the field of affordable industrial delta robot technology, offering high-quality automation solutions at reasonable costs. This opens doors for small and medium-sized businesses and individuals to access advanced automation. Our standout product, the Delta X S Robot, is an industrial delta robot that costs 5-10 times less than market alternatives while still meeting the performance needs of small and medium enterprises, as well as research and education sectors.

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